What is Prascend?

Prascend Tablets contain 1mg Pergolide. Prascend is used as a treatment for Cushing’s disease in horses. A small benign tumour in the pituitary gland causes an increased release of cortisol from the adrenal glands causing equine Cushing’s syndrome. Treatment with Prascend improves the quality of life of Cushing’s-affected horses by managing clinical signs and decreasing the risk of complications of PPID, including those that have potential to be life threatening.

Prascend tablets may be administered orally by dissolving the tablet with a small amount of water and/or mixing with molasses or other sweetener; taking care to rinse the dosing apparatus with water to ensure entire dose of Prascend is administered; use immediately. Most horses respond to Prascend therapy and are stabilised at an average dose of 2 µg/kg.

Prascend is NOT suitable for use in Horses intended for human consumption.

prascend for horses