What is Cushings Disease?

Prascend tablets are used to control equine Cushing’s disease (also referred to as hyperadrenocorticism). Equine Cushing’s Disease (also known as PPID) is one of the most common problems affecting the endocrine (hormonal) system of horses and ponies. Cushings disease in horses can cause many symptoms. Classically horses become more hairy and require more clipping than usual. Affected horses often develop a pot-bellied type appearance and can develop fat pads around the face and eyes in particular. Cushingoid horses are also more prone to lameness, laminitis is a particular problem.

Other symptoms include an increased thirst and appetite, increased urination and increased infections. For example, wounds may take longer to heal than would be expected. Clinical improvement with Prascend is expected within 6 to 12 weeks. Some horses may respond clinically at lower or varying doses, and it is recommended to titrate to the lowest effective dose per individual based on response to therapy, whether it is effectiveness or signs of intolerance. A small number of horses may require doses as high as 10 µg/kg per day. In these rare situations, appropriate additional monitoring should be implemented.

prascend for horses