Pergolide vs. Prascend?

What is the difference between Pergolide and Prascend?

Pergolide is the active ingredient in Prascend Tablets. Each Prascend tablet contains 1mg of Pergolide. Prascend is the licensed Equine version of Pergolide that has undergone rigorous testing before being approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for use in Horses.

Unlike generic Pergolide, VMD approval gives Veterinary Surgeons and horse owners the peace of mind that Prascend is manufactured under consistent conditions and tested to the same standards as human drugs. Strict manufacturing guidelines ensure the product is pure and consistent and potency is stable up to the validated expiration date.

Prascend is considered the gold standard for treatment of PPID. Pergolide, a dopamine agonist, acts to restore the inhibition to the pars intermedia, downregulating the activity of this area, thereby decreasing the production of hormones like ACTH.

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